Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Raised Garden manufactured?2020-05-16T14:30:26+00:00

Manufactured in Athlone, Ireland.

What is it made from?2020-05-16T14:31:09+00:00

Food Grade Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). We are proud that we use Food Grade and does not leach toxic chemicals into the soil and food chain.

How heavy is the Raised Garden?2020-05-16T14:33:03+00:00

Garden body is 17Kg. The 5 legs are 3Kg.

How long does it take to assemble?2020-05-16T14:33:49+00:00

The legs need to be slotted in place and require no tools. It takes minutes.

Is Raised Garden suitable for Wheelchair users?2020-05-16T14:34:30+00:00


How much compost does it take?2020-05-16T14:35:40+00:00

Maximum capacity is 240 Litres. About 5 cm from inside top is a line that marks 240 litres. Soil depth is suitable for deep rooted vegetables, like carrots and potatoes. Other plants may not require the full quantity.

What compost should I use?2020-05-16T14:36:30+00:00

Depends on the type of plant you wish to grow. Top soil is also suitable. Check with your local garden centre for best type to suit your planting plan.

Do I need to change the compost?2020-05-16T14:37:49+00:00

Depends on compost used and types of plants grown. Typically every few years or if you are using good crop rotation, it could be many years.

Do I need to add feed?2020-05-16T14:38:24+00:00

If you wish, depends on compost type and plants grown.

Can I add liquid feed to the reservoir?2020-05-16T14:39:05+00:00

Yes, check with your local garden centre for most suitable type depending on plants grown.

How do I fill the reservoir?2020-05-16T14:39:47+00:00

Fill reservoir preferably with rainwater. Normal rain fall will fill the reservoir after it feeds the plants. Excess rainwater will be re-cycled automatically and fed into the reservoir. You can top up the reservoir using the holes on the top surface. Tap water can be used if you do not use water butts to collect rainwater. However, plants generally prefer rain water.

How often does it need filling?2020-05-16T14:41:43+00:00

This depends on weather, rainfall and type of plants you are growing. With the 20 litre reservoir full and in normal summer this should give 5 – 7 days in a dry spell. Please experiment with your own garden4me and the plant types populated in the Raised Garden. Some customers over summer have never needed to water the Raised Garden.

Is there a risk that roots can get waterlogged?2020-05-16T17:08:01+00:00

No. The reservoir is self regulating and has four integrated overflows when the 20 litre capacity is reached.

How can I improve drainage?2020-05-16T17:08:43+00:00

This depends on the compost used. Some plants like good drainage and the addition of grit sand may help. Check with your local garden centre.

What are the best plants to grow in the Raised Garden?2020-05-16T17:09:12+00:00

Any type. Salad – all vegetables – flowers.

Can I grow vegetables in the Raised Garden?2020-05-16T17:09:34+00:00

Yes. The large depth of the garden4me Raised Garden allows for deep rooted vegetables like potato and carrot. Raised Garden is great for Carrot as the Carrot Root Fly cannot reach the high level of the garden.

What are the best varieties of vegetables to grow in the Raised Garden?2020-05-16T17:10:18+00:00

All types. Depends on soil type and weather in your location. Check with your local Garden Centre.

Can I grow root vegetables in the Raised Garden?2020-05-16T17:10:54+00:00


Can I grow tomatoes in the Raised Garden?2020-05-16T17:11:28+00:00


Can you leave plants in it during the winter months?2020-05-16T17:12:09+00:00

Yes – Frost and ice does not effect Raised Garden. Some plant like to be left out in winter.

Can you keep it out over the winter?2020-05-16T17:12:43+00:00

Yes – Frost and ice does not effect Raised Garden.

Does it keep out slugs?2020-05-16T17:13:18+00:00

We cannot give a definite yes, BUT, the Raised Garden makes it difficult for slugs to get up into the garden. Anecdotal feedback from our customers say YES.

Does it keep out other pests?2020-05-16T17:13:50+00:00

Yes. Ground loving pest such as Carrot Root Fly are eliminated.

What’s the advantage of the double wall?2020-05-16T17:14:21+00:00

Keeps compost/soil warm and promotes early growth and extends the growing season. Enables the “built in” water reservoir. Technically, add strength to the overall Raised Garden.

How long will it last?2020-05-16T17:14:51+00:00

We give a Lifetime Guarantee against rotting.

Can you move once planted?2020-05-16T17:15:21+00:00

We do NOT recommend this, as a fully populated Raised Garden is too heavy to lift for Health and Safety reasons. When Raised Garden is cleared of soil it can be safely moved.

Can you get replacement capillary matting?2020-05-16T17:15:50+00:00

Yes. Order replacement Capillary Matting and Wicks on our website. Depending on what you grow, the Capillary Matting will last a few years.

What if I want to grow plants that need different soil?2020-05-16T17:16:17+00:00

Use our garde4me Grow Pocket Divider accessory. They can be ordered on our website. Each Grow Pocket Divider accessory provides 10 individual pockets. Each pocket can be filled with different soil types. The Pockets can also be used to isolate some plants that have aggressive roots.

How long is the offer on for free delivery?2020-05-16T17:17:10+00:00

Check the website for offers.

How much is delivery?2020-05-16T17:17:34+00:00

Normally, is €20, delivered direct to your door. The courier company will text you to let you know when it will be delivered. You will also be able to track your delivery on-line.

Do you deliver across Ireland?2020-05-16T17:18:01+00:00

Yes. However, some island areas may require an excess delivery charge.

How long does it take from order to delivery?2020-05-16T17:18:33+00:00

Typically it takes 5 -7 working days from order acceptance.

Do you have any other sizes?2020-05-16T17:19:00+00:00

Not yet.

Can I clean out the internal Water Reservoir?2020-05-16T17:19:30+00:00

Yes. There is a large circular Cap on the underside of the Raised Garden. The Cap can be easily removed and the internal Water Reservoir cleaned and flushed out with a hose. We recommend this is done when unit is completely empty when you are replacing the Capillary Matting. See Manual for more details.

What can I use to clean the Raised Garden?2020-05-16T17:20:02+00:00

A sponge or brush with water. It is safe to use a pressure hose.

What are the 6 holes along the top edge used for?2020-05-16T17:20:27+00:00

Holes are used to fill the Reservoir with water. They are also used to locate and hold 1/2″ heavy duty water pipe. The pipe is used to act as plant supports or make Fruit Cage or a Mini Polytunnel.