Tried & Tested – Self Watering Planter

I definitely believe raised beds are the best way to grow vegetables due to the plants being easier to reach and improved drainage. However, often the downside of raised bed gardening is the soil drying out too quickly. This self-watering planter solves the problem by having a built-in reservoir (up to 20 litres) ensuring plant roots are kept moist. It comes in a wide range of colours including solid and granite effects. The capillary mats and wicks enable the

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Vegetables & Fruit

If you’ve been growing vegetables in your planter then this is a good time for an autumn clean-up. Remove crops that have finished – you don’t need to replace the capillary mat or compost – just add a top layer of compost and you’re ready to go for your next planting. Did you know you can grow mangetout, peas and beans in your raised planter? Now is the time to harvest them - simply cut the plants away at

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Handy Seasonal Tips

Continue to feed and dead-head flowering plants - they will often keep going until the first frosts. You can keep your raised planter in colour by taking the dead or fading blooms off regularly – add a liquid feed into the self-watering reservoir and they’ll stay happily fed and watered. And if you’ve been growing bedding plants that are starting to fade then clear them away to make way for some autumn flowering varieties such as chrysanthemums, sedum, violas and

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