Can I clean out the internal Water Reservoir?

Yes. There is a large circular Cap on the underside of the Raised Garden. The Cap can be easily removed and the internal Water Reservoir cleaned and flushed out with a hose. We recommend this is done when unit is completely empty when you are replacing the Capillary Matting. See Manual for more details.

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How much is delivery?

Normally, is €20, delivered direct to your door. The courier company will text you to let you know when it will be delivered. You will also be able to track your delivery on-line.

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What if I want to grow plants that need different soil?

Use our garde4me Grow Pocket Divider accessory. They can be ordered on our website. Each Grow Pocket Divider accessory provides 10 individual pockets. Each pocket can be filled with different soil types. The Pockets can also be used to isolate some plants that have aggressive roots.

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