If you’ve been growing vegetables in your planter then this is a good time for an autumn clean-up. Remove crops that have finished – you don’t need to replace the capillary mat or compost – just add a top layer of compost and you’re ready to go for your next planting.

Did you know you can grow mangetout, peas and beans in your raised planter? Now is the time to harvest them – simply cut the plants away at ground level, leaving the roots in the compost. These crops slowly release nitrogen back into the compost as the roots break down. By October your outdoor tomatoes will be ready to harvest – move fruit indoors to ripen or make some green tomato chutney. Remove all old and finished plants. Plant garlic, onions and shallots now before the weather turns cold. Your garden4me raised planter will keep the soil warm so the bulbs should root strongly giving great results and a bumper crop next season.

November is a good month to sow cut-and-come-again salads and hardy herbs – so if your planter is outside your kitchen door then you’ll have an ongoing supply to hand whenever you need it.