Frame or Trellis:

Frame or Trellis can be used for:

  • Mini Poly-tunnel
  • Netting for fruit cage
  • Fleece for winter protection
  • Construction of trellis to support plants or canes

The Raised Garden has been designed to take Frame and Trellis DIY Accessories using the 6 holes located in the top surface of the garden. Frame can be used for; Mini Poly-tunnel, Netting for fruit cage, Fleece for winter protection or construct a trellis to support plants. The Frame or Trellis can be easily added using standard 1/2″ water pipe (HDPE underground pipe) which is very inexpensive and can be purchased from your local DIY or Builders Providers. Cut the pipe to your desired length and push into the pre-formed holes on the top surface. Ensure to push them in at least 100 mm so that they engage with the formed internal side supports. The holes can also be used for support canes.