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Garden4me self-watering GIANT raised planters are perfect if you want to grow your own vegetables, herbs or fruit, or if you simply want to create a glorious pocket garden filled with your favourite flowers.

Our products come with a host of amazing features – they are available in a range of colours or with a granite effect finish, they take minutes to assemble without the need for any tools and come with a life-time guarantee against rotting.

Our GIANT raised planters are suitable for all age and ability groups and support all growing choices.

Raised Garden Planter Accessories

Grow Pockets

Six flat panels slot into pre-defined locations in the Raised Garden to create 10 individual pockets. They can be used separate plants and soil types. Create your own Herb Garden. Ideal for schools to create different growing mediums for test or pockets for individual students.

Capillary Mat and Wicks

Your Raised Garden comes with a Capillary Mat and 4 Wicks. The Wicks and Mat are laid into the bottom of the Raised Garden before you add the soil. The Mat ensures an even distribution of moisture from the built in Reservoir to the roots of your plants. See the Users Manual for installation description.

DIY Accessories

The Raised Garden has been designed to take Frame and Trellis DIY Accessories using the 6 holes located in the top surface of the garden. Frame can be used for; Mini Poly-tunnel, Netting for fruit cage, Fleece for winter protection or construct a trellis to support plants. The Frame or Trellis can be easily added using standard 1/2″ water pipe (HDPE pipe) which is inexpensive.

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Raised Planters

Our planters are suitable for all age and ability groups and support all growing choices.