Duncan McInnesInnovator and Designer
The Raised Garden was conceived and designed by Engineer and Industrial Designer, Duncan McInnes. For over 40 years Duncan has worked in the Product Development and R&D space. He has held senior positions in Multi-national and SME sectors in Europe and USA. In last 20 years he has worked as Design and Management consultant and in Design Education.

The Raised Garden came from a love of gardening and a bad back!

“I love gardening to relax, after a hard days work it makes me feel grounded. Realisation suddenly hit me that I may not be able to enjoy it too much longer.”

The concept of the Raised Garden was born.

History – The First Raised Garden

Duncan’s first Raised Garden, a Raised Bed on legs was designed and built from timber. It was productive and worked well for about 3 years.

However, as with most timber it finally rotted and became unstable and unsafe.

When grandchildren came along they loved helping their granddad with growing vegetables in the Raised Gardens. But with the aging timber I was concerned for their safety.

There must be a better design solution that would not rot or rust.

This was an opportunity to incorporate unique features which would deliver so much more than timber beds.

The Design Concept

Ground Garden – 1200 mm Long x 800 mm Wide x 370 mm High

Raised Garden with 5 Legs Working Height – 700 mm (Table Height)

Manufactured from Polymer which is:

  • Rust-proof
  • Rot-proof
  • Freeze-proof
  • UV Proof
  • Food Grade
  • Maintenance free

Unique Features

Raised Garden – Water Reservoir

Our Raised Garden is hollow with outer and inner walls. This gives the product great strength and sturdiness. A 20 litre water reservoir is built into the lower section. The Capillary Mat and four wicks are placed in the base which ensures even dispersion of water to the plant roots. There are four overflows built into the design so that the reservoir does not flood or waterlog the plants. In the Raised Garden, rainwater is harvested after it waters the plants, with excess rainwater re-cycled into the reservoir. Typically over the growing season the Raised Garden self waters with rainfall in Ireland. If necessary the reservoir can easily be topped up from other conserved rainfall sources, or with tap water.


Grow Pocket accessory:

Six flat panels slot into pre-defined locations in the Raised Garden to create 10 individual pockets

Can be used to separate plants and soil types

Can be used for Schools to create different growing mediums for experiment or pockets for individual students/groups

DIY – Accessories

Frame or Trellis:

Frame or Trellis can be used for:

  • Mini Poly-tunnel
  • Netting for fruit cage
  • Fleece for winter protection
  • Construction of trellis to support plants or canes

The Raised Garden has been designed to take Frame and Trellis DIY Accessories using the 6 holes located in the top surface of the garden. Frame can be used for; Mini Poly-tunnel, Netting for fruit cage, Fleece for winter protection or construct a trellis to support plants. The Frame or Trellis can be easily added using standard 1/2″ water pipe (HDPE underground pipe) which is inexpensive and can be purchased from your local DIY or Builders Providers. Cut the pipe to your desired length and push into the pre-formed holes on the top surface. Ensure to push them in at least 100 mm so that they engage with the formed internal side supports. The holes can also be used for support canes.

Unique Features and Selling Points

  • Does not rust or rot – Lasts a lifetime

  • Maintenance free

  • Can grow deep rooted vegetables – potatoes/carrots

  • Self-watering with 20 litre reservoir and re-cycles rainwater

  • Soil capacity 245 litres

  • Manufactured from approved Food Grade polymer – no leaching of undesirable toxic chemicals

  • Growing season extended at both ends due to twin wall retaining warmth in soil

  • Takes individual grow pockets accessory

  • Capillary Mat and Wicks ensures even watering

  • No tools required for assembly

  • Gardener can sit or stand to garden

  • Use as Kitchen Garden, Herb Garden, Salad Garden, Fruit Garden…

  • Comes in many colours and finishes

  • Suitable for young and old

  • Suitable for wheelchair users

  • Easy to use, clean gardening for all

  • Accessible for gardeners with bad backs

User Manual

Garden4me are proud of our unique Raised Garden and we know you will get many years gardening enjoyment from it.

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We at garden4me are proud of our unique Raised Garden and we know you will get many years gardening enjoyment from it.

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