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“Thank you again for your support of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.”

We purchased high raised planting boxes last year and have really enjoyed planting our own vegetables, herbs and flowers in your specially designed high raised planting boxes. The benefits of prominent colour contrast on your high raised beds is especially important to our clients, as it can highlight the planting area giving clarity to our clients. Colour also helps in increasing brain wave activity and can stimulate the production of adrenalin into the bloodstream, so it is recommended for stimulation.

Waterman’s Lodge, Ballina, Alzheimers Society of Ireland

Christina McKenna – Director of Care

“We are a respite centre for children who have intellectual, physical, sensory disability or Autism.”

We have found the kids really enjoy using the grow beds as it is educational for them to find out where fruit and vegetables come from and watch them grow from seed to plant. Both the staff and the kids have found them very easy to use and with all the different colours they really bring our sensory garden to life.

Maria Goretti Respite Centre, Lordship, Co Louth

Paula Dowdall

“Delighted with our Garden4me raised garden.”

I needed a dedicated area to grow herbs and this has given me a convenient herb garden at my back door. It is easy to use and I can leave it to self irrigate when on holiday. A great product.

Retired Teacher

Morag Weston

As a Social and Therapeutic Horticulture practitioner I am always on the lookout for products that enable people to engage with the natural world through gardening regardless of physical ability.

The garden 4 me raised garden is a robust but very attractive product that allows clients to garden from a seated position or wheelchair, in fact this winter we are hoping to have a great crop of winter salad such as Mizuna, Pak Choi and Lambs Lettuce with plans afoot for a potted feast for spring 2017.

As with any gardening activity where you are working with plants there is a reasonable level of maintenance required which can be prohibitive watering being the largest concern for clients managing potted gardens. With its integrated watering reservoir and capillary wick system the plants in the garden 4 me raised garden gives back gardening confidence by making the task of watering very manageable. The plants benefit too by receiving the water they need at root level. This system also helps to conserves precious water which might be spilt or evaporate when watering pots from above. The water level can be simply topped up as required using a funnel and watering can. The automatic overflow also ensures the plants don’t become waterlogged so removing another level of anxiety for the gardeners.

We are looking forward to a prolific winter and lots of beautiful fresh salad leaves.

Social and Therapeutic Horticulturalist Milford Care Centre

Zoe Stiles

“Just gone through several weeks of drought conditions here in Ireland, temperatures reaching 32 degrees C and garden4me is still producing strong healthy plants.”

The water reservoir system works fantastic, identical plants grown in the soil are suffering badly with burnt leaves and tiny courgettes, we are already harvesting from the garden4me.

Would highly recommend it especially in these times of hosepipe bans!

Excellent product!

Gardening couple with 3 acres, Co Clare

John and Joan

“Ideal planters for schools.”

Newport College was delighted to come across these Raised Garden Planters last year and the students were so delighted to start filling them with lovely plants. Last summer we planted some vegetables, mainly carrots.  This year we had an amazing daffodil display and now hope to move on to our summer planting. These planters are ideal for schools. They are self watering and never decay…..always looking good. No bending either, so no sore backs or wet knees.  It was well worth the investment for the five garden4me planters.

Principal, Newport College

Ms Clodagh Kelly

“Much more convenient.”

Here is a picture of our G4M midway through our first harvest. We find it very convenient so close to the back door, so the lettuce and rocket are just a little bit more likely to be used by those who generally rather go only to the fridge for their salad. Much more convenient for the parsley too, which also seems to stay much healthier longer than in a kitchen window box. We ate most of the spinach before it ever matured. We’re getting very spoiled by this “no-bending-down” garden. It suits our busy lives. Now its time to pop the next lot of lettuce and rocket seedling in from the greenhouse. The size of this G4M is just about right for the rota of salads as you can see, for a household of approx three/four people.

Busy professional couple with family, Limerick

Dr. Pat

“The Raised Garden came from a love of gardening and a bad back!”

Duncan McInnes

Designer of the Raised Garden

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